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Liquid handling with Beckman Coulter Biomek NXp

The following section includes protocols for a set of lab-technical approaches where we routinely use our Beckman Coulter Biomek NXp liquid handling equipment.

Next-Generation Sequencing Library Preparation for SOLiD5500xl Wildfire

The library preparation has been divided into four separate steps including “size selection”, end-repair”, dA-tailing and adaptor ligation”, and “library amplification and conversion”. Documentation and code for the four steps are available for download.


The code can be downloaded using the link below.


DNA extraction from dry blood spots

The following section includes modified protocols for extraction of DNA. We have found the DNA extracted with these protocols to be of high quality and suitable for next-generation sequencing based approaches.

DNA extraction of a complete blood spot or left over scrap material

We have recently evaluated the ability to use DNA extracted from dry blood spots for methylome-wide investigations. We have published a modified version of a DNA protocol that allowed for extraction of the DNA from a complete blood spot in one reaction (Aberg et al. Epigenetics 2013 May;8(5):542-7.)

Protocol for DNA extraction of a complete blood spot in a single reaction

We have further modified our blood spot extraction protocol to also allow for efficient extraction of DNA from scrap material, i.e., the part of the blood spot that is left when punches, typically used for standard DNA extraction protocols, have been removed.

Protocol for Genomic DNA Isolation from Dried Blood Spots

Updated August 2014