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Graduate Programs in Pharmacotherapy

The VCU Department of Pharmacotherapy and Outcomes Science offers the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences, with specialization in Pharmacotherapy, to applicants who already have completed requirements for a pharmacy degree. In addition, selected students currently enrolled in the Pharm.D. program may elect to enter the School’s Combined Degree Program and simultaneously obtain a Pharm.D./Ph.D. degree in Pharmacotherapy. Research and scholarship are the main areas of focus for the graduate student. While there may be limited opportunity for the graduate student to  receive clinical experience in the major advisor's area of interest, the focus of the program is research. Students entering the program are expected to already have adequate clinical skills that will allow them to focus on their research project(s) while in the graduate program. The graduate program is not intended to provide advanced clinical practice skills.

Graduate Program Admission

Students interested in admission to the Graduate Programs in the Department of Pharmacy must apply through the VCU Graduate School.


Course Waivers

Qualified students may waive individual courses (or parts thereof) with the concurrence of the Major Advisor, Course Coordinator and departmental Graduate Program Director. Unless there is a need to achieve a minimum graduate credit requirement, which is unlikely, there will be no need to register for additional graduate course credits to make up for the waived course(s). By satisfactorily completing the above courses, M.S. students will have met the VCU-mandated minimum requirement for graduate credits (24) while Ph.D. students will need at least one more credit to meet the VCU-mandated minimum course requirements.


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