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Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities for a Research Experience: There are number of opportunities for Pharm.D. students to work with faculty to gain exposure and experience in research.

Summer Fellowships

Each year the Dean’s office supports “Summer fellowships” for 4-6 Pharm.D. students. Students receive a stipend for 2 months of work. Students are encouraged to discuss areas of research with faculty and to discuss the opportunity to participate in their research. For more information and application forms regarding the Summer Research Fellowships contact Dr. Jurgen Venitz or Dr. Patricia Slattum.

Faculty Sponsored Research

In addition to support from the Dean’s office, individual faculty often have research projects that provide for student funding during the summer months. Interested students should contact individual faculty members, depending on the student’s area of interest, to discuss this opportunity.

Elective in Research

Students may also sign up to take a “Research Elective” for academic credit. Typically 3 semester hours can be awarded to students during the P-2 or P-3 years. Interested students should contact members of the faculty to discuss this option.

Research Day

Students are encouraged to prepare a poster of their research and to present the results at the annual School of Pharmacy Research Day. This is usually held in the fall of each year. Awards are given by the Dean of the School to the best poster for a Pharm. D. student and for a Ph.D. student.