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VCU Coagulation Advancement Lab (VCAL)

Our mission

The VCU Coagulation Advancement Lab (VCAL) is dedicated to supporting collaborative academic research as well as research with the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. VCAL is committed to establishing an interdisciplinary approach to the study of blood coagulation.


What we can do for you

The VCU Coagulation Advancement Lab (VCAL) is located within the School of Pharmacy at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medical College of Virginia Campus. VCAL combines the skills of an independent contract research organization with the scientific expertise of an academic center to study alterations in hemostasis and the pathogenesis of thrombosis.

Services include studies on primary hemostasis and platelet function, evaluation of new antithrombotic and hemostatic agents, evaluation of antiplatelet therapy, evaluation of new medical devices and assays, design of experimental and clinical protocols, sample banking, database preparation and data analysis.


  • Cutting-edge technology for thrombosis and hemostasis research
  • Full range of testing for clinical trials, research projects and product evaluation
  • Customized testing to meet individual project and clinical trial needs