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Highlighted grants

McClay, Joseph L., Evaluating the role of ANKS1B in mediating second generation antipsychotic drug efficacy, CCTR, PI, 2016

Lichtman, Aron H., CB1 Allosteric modulators: molecular, cellular and in vivo pharmacology, NIDA, PI, 2016

Brophy, Donald F., Vitamin C, Sepsis and Coagulopathy: An Ancillary Study of the Citris-Ali Trial, NHLBI, PI, 2015

Van Tassell, Benjamin, Cardioprotective effects of Prolastin C in experimental acute myocardial infarction: a preclinical translational study, Grifols Inc., Co-I, 2015

Slattum, Patricia W., Virginia Geriatric Education Center Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program, HRSA, Co-I, 2015

Desai, Umesh R., Advanced Skills Development in Glyco-Hematology and Glyco-Oncology, NHLBI, PI, 2015

Wijesinghe, Dayanjan Shanaka, The Utilization of photonics technology to rapidly detect bioactive lipids associated with preeclampsia development, NICHD, Co-PI, 2015

Kellogg, Glen E., Structure Of Cytomegalovirus Nuclease, UL98, NIAID, Co-I, 2015

McRae, MaryPeace, Investigating the relationship between benzodiazepine medications and the development of blood brain barrier dysfunction as risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease, Virginia Center on Aging, PI, 2015

Zhang, Shijun, Development of novel NLRP3 inflammasome inhibitors towards Alzheimers's disease, ADDF, 2015

Sakagami, Masahiro, In vitro fluid capacity-limited dissolution testing and its kinetic relation to in vivo clinical pha, FDA, PI, 2015

Matzke, Gary R., Congressional Healthcare Policy Fellow Program, ACCP, PI, 2015

Dixon, David L., Nighttime Dosing of Amlodipine Versus Lisinopril in Non-Dipping African Americans, AACP, PI, 2015