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Poster Printing Services

Before Submitting Poster

Poster purchases may be made using the KBOX request system. Students or sponsoring faculty may make purchase requests. Carefully fill out all the information on the KBOX request form. The purchase is final upon submission of a request ticket. It is your responsibility to proofread your poster and submit the proper file. Any resubmissions will be printed for an additional $55.00 or $105.00 charge depending on the paper used. 


All posters, for all standard sizes, are priced at a flat rate of $55.00 for satin and $105.00 for fabric. Students or sponsoring faculty may make purchase requests using an active index code or direct payment in the form of a check. Please contact Phartech before any direct payments are made.

Wait Time

Posters will be available two full business days after ticket submission. If needed sooner, you may request expedited poster delivery for an additional fee of $25.00 (total of $80.00 or $130.00). Expedited printing is done on a first-come-first-serve basis. Phartech will notify customers by email when their poster is ready for pick-up. Pick-up location will be in the Phartech office, Smith 346.

Sizes, Templates and Branding


Phartech offers three standard sizes:

  • 21” tall x 36” wide
  • 42” tall x 56” wide
  • 42” tall x 72” wide


The following templates are designed to fit the size and branding specifications of the School of Pharmacy:

NOTE: If you are creating a 42” x 72” poster, use one of the 21” x 36” templates.

NOTE: All poster layouts should be on a single Microsoft PowerPoint slide.


For more information about branding visit the VCU Health branding standards webpage.



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